Why MODOMINES Software is The Best Hedge for Quarry and Crusher Firms?

There were times, when I look over the various parts of my character with perplexity. I recognize that I am made up of several persons and that the person that at the moment has the upper hand will inevitably give place to another. But which is the real one? All of them or none? – Somerset Maugham

There is a very good chance that most of us, one time or the other in our lives have pondered this question of existentialism.  Readers be warned; though this story is neither a philosophical treatise nor a maudlin rant, it’s rather an uplifting portrayal of how Modomines came into existence, it’s fight for survival and finally it’s success in its domain. This is the story of how a bunch of kids, straight out of college – came together to create magic but came close to getting drawn into a vortex of irrationality, sheer lunacy and its consequential demise, yet found the courage to summarily refusing to give into those temptations. This is a story of hope and redemption, one of empowerment and love. This is a story that needs to be told.

If one had been tasked to define the beginnings of Modomines in a single word, they would sit in silence for a while and then blurt out – humble.  It was indeed.  Historization, is often subjective, and mostly anecdotal. The CEO of Modomines Mr. Seshasayee Raghavachari says, “given, Modomines was just a software project when it was born and though there was general awareness on its potential usefulness in the market, we never dreamt that Modomines would one day become an entity in itself – it’s tempting to call it a startup company, a rather successful one at that”.

And there is a lot of truth to that. One could – without trying hard, almost envision their story, of its birth and of its resurgence as we all have had seen it in movies sometime in our lives – had almost become either too saccharine and trite for any hardcore movie goer. Yet, there is a difference here, albeit not too subtle a one.  This one is actually true.

Given, humble beginnings do not always translate into a successful product in market place, regardless of the final produce.  When asked the recipe, Mr. R Seshasayee says, “It is a combination of good decisions, right people, and a whole lot of chutzpah”.  Though the CEO of Modomines, Mr. R Seshasayee, has had his teeth cut in developing enterprise-level software applications and worked for over 14 years in US, none of his guys at that time had any experience that one can write home about.  When asked for specifics, he simply says, “I was incredibly lucky to have great, dedicated and loyal people around me”.  By being with him through the tough times, he had awarded them the founders share in the company by making them partners.

Usually, these kinds of niche ERP software comes from those who have lots of years of experience in the mining and aggregates business. What started out as a proposition, an idea from an employee to help his friend out, morphed into an elegant, yet simple solution for all Quarry & Crusher businesses. As R Seshasayee says, “Right from day one, I had always asked my guys to keep it simple be it in design, code and usability. Our singular focus was that a person with an 8th standard education must be able to successfully work with our system”.

Their success can not only be to its user interface but they actually solved a lot of problems that is inherent in this industry like pilferage, and spillage.  “Writing an ERP from ground-up is a thankless job because of its complexities and extremely time consuming process.  But I want to help the businesses get rid of the losses they were suffering day after day and I was immediately drawn towards that”, he said. To drive home the point, R Seshasayee says, “But what was truly interesting for us was, we wanted to write a software that would plug all the holes in the system thereby helping the owners of those industries minimize loss of their product and help them run a profitable business”.

We had written almost a million lines of code and that was quite daunting given that we have a quite a small number of development team. “Somedays I never went home – constantly from dawn to dusk working on writing code and designing it. I’m forever indebted to all the guys especially our CTO- Mr. Boopathy NR and CMO-Mr. Gopi Krishna S who tirelessly and unselfishly helped us to become who we are today, not to mention the sacrifices of my parents and wife”, says R Seshasayee.

Our philosophy that happens to be one of the biggest advantages of Modomines is that, it is entirely a cloud-based software. The driving force for that decision was quite simple in that, the environment in which these computer systems are is highly unreliable because of dust and other factors and they tend to crash more often than not. We do not want our clients to lose all their data when their disc crashes.  Secondly, server-based software tends to be a bit easier to maintain in that we can simply provide all the updates and security patches without any hassle.

The data security is taken very seriously in Modomines. As Mr. R Seshasayee says, “Nobody can access a client’s data in our company unless we are authorized by clients to make specific changes in their software and the most critical component is that Modomines software in infinitely customizable”.  Our unique selling point is to be able to successfully mitigate theft, or loss through pilferage simply by years of careful analysis of the industry and doing exhaustive research on how the pilferage occurs and to able to plug the holes that are there in the system. As an example, the weighment is accessed and the weights are automatically read by our software the moment a vehicle comes into the area thus preventing any misuse by the operators by altering the readings on the scale. “This was a technically very difficult to accomplish on a web-based software but we did it through rigorous R&D, lots of sleepless nights and coffee” remarks Mr. R Seshasayee.

Like any other ERP systems, the functionalities of Modomines are split into multiple modules that are completely interlinked with one another. Modomines can take care of everything from production to payroll and the location of users hardly matters, being a cloud-based integrated software solution. What we liked about Modomines was the very fact that every one is friendly and down to earth. Modomines software can integrate production, sales, plant and machinery, supply chain management through inventory, accounting, personnel management (HR) as well as a complete, state-of-the-art reporting system. Modomines had the blessings of industry greats like Mr. Subramani Perumal who were willing to donate their time and their employees to help us make Modomines a software that is a useful, yet affordable and help a crusher or a quarry unit become profitable.

“I have heard from my clients who say that their profit had increased 15 to 20% through proper implementation and adhering to the processes defined by the software. Our team stays in the client’s premises two to three days to ensure that every single department people are trained properly and be able to use this with ease”, says R Seshasayee.

With the ever-changing technology developments and market conditions, we asked if Modomines is keeping up the current trends, his face lit up and said, “Modomines is a dynamic company and we want to be the pioneers in the market when it comes to semi-automatic weighbridge and we are even currently working on an advanced system where we are able to achieve a completely automatic weighing system so that manual data input is kept to its minimum.

At the end of the day, we want to provide cost-effective state-of-the art solution to Quarry and Crusher owners. Our goal is to see our clients prosper and we deliver it by being fanatic in our approach to service by offering our clients 24/7 technical support and same day service if they want us to provide any additional training to their employees. Our client’s success is ultimately ours, is the only way we see it”.