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Numbers NEVER lie! Modomines Quarry & Crusher Automation Software with ERP has been a leading expert in this industry for the past few years and is rated to be the Best Automation/ERP Solution simply because we understand your business. We help you to prevent theft, pilferage and all kinds of spillage, which directly or indirectly affect your bottom line.

Our ease of use and our ability to do everything that a Quarry or Crusher firm needs through our unique cloud software, combined with 24/7 support is what set us apart from all solutions out there in the market today.  Our powerful options, tools, combined with unlimited customization through a responsive framework and fanatical support are the reasons our customers have fallen in love with us.

We feel that we are not in Software business. Rather, our job is to write software that provides you – the customer with the BEST experience possible while using our software.  We’re committed through helping Small & Medium sized businesses as well as large Enterprises to succeed and to be your trusted partner – every step of the way – ALWAYS.

This is our story!

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

We Can Do This & So Much More!

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Take Control of Your Website. Yeah, There’s An Option For That.

Modomines has a set of features, options & tools to make it the most versatile Automation/ERP Solution for Quarry & Crusher units. We achieved this by allowing you to take control of virtually every aspect of your business  through our software. This naturally empowers you to have powerful options & features, that give you flexibility so as to mitigate spillage/theft thereby helping you grow.

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Production & Sales

From Production to Sales, this module is automated to suit your needs in a perfect way. This is BEST suited for those companies that operates Quarry & Crusher units.

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Plant & Machinery

Plethora of options neatly organized helps to manage your P&M without huge investments & training from your end. Pretty much every single step can be quantified

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Inventory Mgmt.

Powerful options are implemented to offer greater control over items on your inventory, helping to extend greater control on your investment and data entry errors can be avoided

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Personnel Module

This module was implemented to be quite intuitive, that provides safety to both your staff as well your property and therefore for your investments

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Accounting Module

This module is highly critical to run any Quarry/Crusher unit.  It took us years to develop and we have designed and implemented it to do everything an accountant does

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

Reporting Module

The Report Module is implemented to be as generic as possible so as to help you get ANY report on any machinery or personnel to its finest possible detail

24/7 Fanatic Technical Support

We at Modomines know what it is like to need support.  Our philosophy is to treat you – as we like to be treated.  We have human support, online documentations and even High Definition Video tutorials at your fingertips.  It’s no wonder, that some of our best reviews are about our quality of support.

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The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

The BEST Quarry & Crusher Automation ERP Software

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Support System

Our support system is the perfect place to receive more detailed instructions on using our software

The Golden Rule

Providing consistent, yet high quality 24/7 support is a challenging task. Our team is highly motivated and can provide you a quality support system

Extensive Doc

Online and easily accessible, these are detailed instructions on how to use Modomines ERP

Find The Answers

Modomines software is extensively documented, with YOU in mind.  We wanted to ensure that you can find everything you want here & at your fingertips

HD Video Tutorials

Nothing is easier then learning first hand by watching a nicely composed high-definition video.

Learn By Watching

We have HD screencast videos for each and every single functionality on every module for you to learn quickly

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